Ag Application

For your convenience we offer the Application for Agricultural Classification form in a version that you can fill in online, and print out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 7.0 or newer.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader, click on this icon to download it for free.

Image of Adobe Reader to link to the Adobe website for download

Tips for Completing Your Application

  1. Click here to open the application form.
  2. **Fill in all parts of the form that apply to you.
  3.  Enter the year in the statement above your signature.
  4.  **Print out the form.
  5.  Sign the form and enter the date.
  6.  Mail the form to the address at the top of the form or hand deliver it.
  7. Ag application will NOT be accepted by email. fax or any form of electronic submission. Application will automatically be Denied.

** The Property Appraiser is not responsible for errors or omissions made by you, or for the content or omissions of any forms or other documents downloaded from this website.

Deadline for Filing

Your application must have an original signature and be returned to our office on or before March 1st of the tax year you are applying for.