General TRIM Information

TRIM is the acronym for TRUTH IN MILLAGE and reflects the notice of Proposed Property Taxes provided annually to each property owner. The notice includes the proposed amount of tax, along with the tax amount from the prior year and what the tax amount will be in the current year if the taxing authorities adopt the roll back rate.&

  • The roll back rate provides the taxing authorities with the same amount of money that was levied the prior year based on the new taxable values of the current year.
  • Market Value means the amount in cash, a willing buyer, who did not have to buy, would pay a willing seller, who did not have to sell. If you agree that the market value of your property was at least as much as shown on the notice for the current year, you do not have to do anything. If you have any questions about your value or exemptions, we encourage you to contact our office. One of the appraisers will discuss your valuation with you.