This estimate of tax dollars are based upon the following assumptions and mathematical variables:

  1. The selected millage rate is used to estimate taxes and savings.
  2. The expected millage rate assumes a rate of 6.5 for school board millage.
  3. It is assumed that you have 100% of the equitable title to your homestead.
  4. It is assumed that no portion of your property is used for non-homestead purposes. Commercial properties or properties with an agricultural classification that also contains homestead exemption should not rely upon this estimator.
  5. The homestead exemption will be calculated using the Amendment 1 rules.
  6. It is assumed that you qualify for homestead if you enter a just value and a new home value for the portability calculation.
  7. The estimated tax show is subject to change because the millage rates are not final. The estimated tax shown is a result of the combination of amendment one’s affect and the estimated millage rate you selected. Consult your tax bill to compare last year’s taxes to the estimated tax shown on this calculator under various millage rate and value scenarios.
  8. The estimated tax does not include and is not intended to provide any estimates for non-ad valorem assessments such as assessments for roads, fire, garbage, lighting, drainage, water, sewer, or other governmental services and facilities which may be levied by your county, city, or any special district.

Your use of this estimator and its data constitutes your admission and agreement that you have read and understand the above assumptions, intent and limitations and that you will hold harmless the office of the Property Appraiser and its employees from any and all mistakes, misuse and misunderstandings.

Tax Estimator

  Portability Calculation ONLY, Enter 0 to calculate without portability
  Portability Calculation ONLY, Enter 0 to calculate without portability
Tax Estimator
  Market Value     Portable SOH     SOH/Assessed Value     Taxable Value     School Board Taxable Value     Estimated Tax         
Tax Estimator
  SOH / Assessed Value     Exemption Value     Taxable Value    School Board Exemption Value     School Board Taxable Value     Estimated Tax         
  • SOH / Assessed Value - Current value as capped under the Save Our Homes amendment
  • Exemption Value - Applicable exemptions, including double Homestead Exemption
  • Taxable Value - Save Our Homes capped value minus applicable exemptions, including double Homestead Exemption
  • School Board Exemption Value - Applicable exemptions for school board
  • School Board Taxable Value - Save Our Homes capped value minus applicable exemptions, EXCLUDING double Homestead Exemption
  • Estimated Tax - Estimated taxes are based on new tax reform rules and calculation assumptions on prior screen
  • Market Value - Market / Just value of the newly purchased property.
  • Portable SOH Benefit - The difference between Market/Just value and the Assessed value on prior home,$500,000 maximum benefit. If downsizing a percent of benefit is used to determine the portable benefit on newly purchased property (new just value divided by prior just value then multiplied by prior assessed), maximum benefit is $500,000.